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“Welcome to #Projectlovenlight - Come Join the Tribe!”
“Renooji’s Global Healing Collective and her impact as Guru, Guide and Spiritual Mentor is 1 million souls strong and growing, your presence here is treasured.”

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Project Love ‘N’ Light

Inspired by the life and healing mission of Renooji, this newest healing project -#projectlovenlight is a direct result of a phenomenal journey with the Light, filled with Love!

2020 marks 25 years of Renooji’s clairvoyant readings and 50 years of Renooji connecting and working with others to join the path of the light. These two remarkable and awe-inspiring milestones had us creating this virtual space of congregation and Sharing.

Connect and Contribute to this documentation and archiving by filling out The Healing Network Forms,

The Healing Network I

The Healing Network II 

The Healing Network III

The Healing Network IV

For #projectlovenlight, we are documenting these experiences from the global healing collective to be published and shared at large through the platform of

As an important member of the global healing community, you are invited to participate by writing about your personal experiences with the light.Be it memories and special moments with Maa Renooji and specific healing modalities that empower you on your daily healing journey. Or your own personal realisations and healing reflections.

Just as healing is unbound – feel free to write in any language of your choice, our coders have got you covered!

Here are a few brainstorming points that we came up with and found useful, perhaps you might want to revisit your memories and write about them using these as inspiration. ( Feel free to deviate from these and come up with your own titles and themes)

  • “My First Experience with Healing”
  • “My Favourite Healing Procedure/Modality”
  • “The Catalyst for My Healing Journey”
  • “A Heartwarming anecdotal Story About Healing And Me”
  • “Magical Healing Memory”
  • “My Personal Healing Project”

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your sharings.  Alternatively, should you prefer speaking about your experience, then I, Divvya Hiranishi, will be happy to set up a zoom/phone meeting with you, to record your experience and will draft it on your behalf. Once your ‘experience article’ is ready we shall send it to you for a final read before it goes live on the website. Feel free to connect on [email protected]

To get you started, visit our Love and Light Blogs to read and dive into the experiences shared.

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