Rachna Mehta has been a student and disciple of Renooji’s from a very young age. She often shares that every experience of material life has enhanced her faith and trust in the Light and the Guru.

“Expressing my deepest heart full of gratefulness to my Guru, Ma’am for holding my hand forever and ever. Her embrace keeps me safe, and under her mercy, grace, unconditional love, and teachings. I am grateful to Ma’am for accepting me as I am, empowering me to be all I am.

I would like to share my first meeting with Ma’am. It was the first time I experienced and witnessed the power and love of Ma’am’s healing presence. It was so alien to me, I was overcome by tears and did not know where and who I had been till that point.

In December 1997, I was in college and my mother had asked me to collect healing medicine from Ma’am’s office. I was unaware of healing and about Ma’am at that time. As soon as I walked in, I saw Ma’am and was so awestruck and mesmerized by Ma’am’s presence. I introduced myself and requested for the medicines. Ma’am smiled and asked me about my mother and had a conversation with me. I still remember receiving a loving and comforting hug.

In that one magical moment of Ma’am’s smile, voice, and loving hug, I experienced a divine love, like never before. It was such an elated feeling, a heavenly experience, which is still ingrained deep within my heart. It is as a cherished treasure – sacred and secure. I was so full of love and suddenly all my emotional pain had vanished, and I was all smiling, happy and full of joy. I used to be very mentally disturbed because of my mother’s health and my own inabilities to perform, my behaviour and all the fights at home.

In that moment it all disappeared and in flooded light and love, the Guru’s Grace.

Whenever I’m reminiscing this moment, I deeply know that it was a ‘Divine and Guru’s intervention’ in my life. And thereafter, my life took on a new flight of love, joy and happiness.

I went home with this beautiful experience in my heart and had expressed my feelings to my mother about Ma’am’s love. The interaction had deeply touched me and had made me curious to know more. My mother recognized my keenness to be Ma’am’s student and encouraged my connection with the Guru and the Light. Suffering from an autoimmune disease, my Mother had got connected to Reiki in September 1997. I always used to request for healing from my mom for my studies, job, and every small thing. I would call Ma’am almost every day to hear her voice, which was a soothing experience for my soul. Ma’am’s love and comfort has seen me through some tough times.

With Ma’am’s blessings and love I got connected to Reiki 1 in March 1998 by Ma’am. It was a rebirth for me which had transformed my life and healed many lifetimes with love. My mother transited to spiritual universes in December 1999. Ma’am has always kept her hand upon us, me and my siblings, and continues to give us immense strength, unconditional love, and care more than a mother. Ma’am embraced us with all her love which resurrected our broken heart and soul, for myself, my brother and sister and eventually they too also got connected to Reiki.

Ma’am’s teachings and unconditional love, taught us to live with healing love, joy and happiness for self and others. Taking us to newer heights, witnessing all healing miracles and reaching destinations which we never ever dreamt of, or imagined.

We feel deeply loved and blessed with Ma’am’s Mercy, ever flowing love, compassion, and presence in our lives.

Feeling the vastness and depth of Ma’am’s love- is expressed through this ‘hymn song’.

Wide, wide as the ocean
High as the Heaven above
Deep, deep as the deepest sea,
Is my Ma’am’s love

I, though so unworthy,
Still I’m a child of Ma’am’s care,
For her words teaches me
That her love reaches me everywhere!

“By simply giving distance healing or touch healing to another, radiating kindness and loving one another, we are engaging in an act of active service, contributing to healing all those around us, healing the planet, healing nature, initiating and polarising every molecule in the world with the healing light, know that love is truly the most powerful healing force in the world. “

Renooji, From Writing of the Day 2019, 5 October.