Neha Sharma shares her journey of healing through the Grace of the Guru – of transformation from healee to healer, empowered by the Light of Reiki and supported by the Divine presence and the Master.

“What can I possibly say about Ma’am that could truly express how I feel? That I came to her adrift, buffeted, battered and on the verge of sinking, and that she lovingly towed me ashore and safely anchored me?

That from the first instant I met her 10 years ago and cried the most healing tears of my life (a process that’s happened many times since, bringing catharsis that I cannot describe), my faith in her was absolute and complete. That the love emanating from her is unconditional and unstinting and can only be understood from having experienced it. That she saved me? That she saved my family? That she embodies for me everything that’s great and good in God’s world? The way I feel is all of these and so much else besides. 

I experienced healing at Ma’am’s hands for many years before I was able to take the next step in my healing journey and learn healing modalities from her. One of my most profound healing moments was the day after I was initiated into Reiki. I entered my kitchen, and on the windowsill, behind the large closed window, I saw a sick pigeon. It looked like it was on the verge of death. It was completely emaciated, its wings were bedraggled and it had shed all its feathers. It lay there, unmoving except for a sustained trembling and shaking in its entire body. I was convinced that it was too late for me to help it physically and my husband and children began to talk about having to bury it soon. Instead I closed my eyes, remembered Ma’am and asked for her guidance, held up both my hands, and started to request for healing in the Divine Reiki Light. My mind was fixed only on the affirmation that this pigeon had healed. I could see it surrounded by magnificent platinum and rainbow light, fluttering its wings and flying away. It was only the first day of healing after my Reiki initiation but within three or four minutes, the pigeon suddenly opened its eyes. In another few minutes, it tottered to its feet from its prone position, then it took a few tentative steps, then a dazed shake of the head, and then it spread those ragged wings and took off. It took off! 

Now a cynic will say that this was impossible and didn’t happen, a realist will say that I could have achieved the exact same result by giving the pigeon some water and food and a fatalist will say that this just wasn’t the pigeon’s time to die. I can only say what I felt at that moment and why it was so profound. For one, it suddenly dawned on me, I had connected to Ma’am through the healing she had taught me, despite my imperfections, my novice healing technique, all my past baggage. It was a moment of absolute joy when I realized that I was now immeasurably linked to her and would never be alone again. And then came the realization that in some infinitesimal way I was transmuted as a being.

What Ma’am had taught me had allowed me to completely suspend disbelief, have faith and gratitude and take a positive action. Hopelessness and helplessness were gone! And empowerment and intent had taken their place.

And so this was also the moment that I resolved more than ever to be completely faithful to Ma’am in the only thing she has ever asked of me- to keep healing. To KEEP healing…”

“Let’s Heal is a healing attitude, a healing moment, spontaneous practice put into Divine motion, where everything and everyone are breathing, eating, drinking, feeling, thinking, waking and sleeping in the Light!”

Renooji, Let’s Heal | Reiki Cycle , 2 April 2021