Divvya Nirula brings another Sonnet from her Archives. This time the subject is Justice and Liberty. Though written a few years ago, Divvya felt inspired to share this, as she has been healing for Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput and all the unknown faces and lives lost. Here are some powerful words and imagery, that might leave you thinking, questioning, and definitely healing!

Justice has stepped out to catch Liberty,
For She runs amuck in chase of the bound,
The clock is running out on Apathy,
Can you hear those who silently drowned?

What Mission does Justice serve in his haste,
For the people in power are being backed,
And none shall have conscience be waste,
In the final HOUR, duty is not faked.

The tests were done and challenges were met,
But none were found who weren’t down in that Hell,
The arms of Justice has reached all we forgot,
The freedom they once had was now their knell.

The sifting of time shifted – one and all,
Though some still are waiting for Her lost call!

– Divvya Nirula, 5 May 2017, New Delhi, India