Gauri Chona shares her Healing Journey with the Light and the Love of the Guru. From the personal to the spiritual, from the mental, physical, emotional and financial to the soulful. Join the journey, for it has many healing twists and turns. Finally placing us in an attitude of gratitude, just as Gauri resonates with the same.

“My journey began the day I opened my eyes and Renoo Maa held me in her arms smiling with a twinkle in her eyes. I have such fond memories of my childhood with her, growing up in her presence and guidance. I always looked forward to going to her house and wait when she will come to my house next.

She always filled my heart with her warmth and love and as I child I found so much comfort in her presence. As I was growing up I started realizing the challenges and struggles my family was going through and little did I knew that a beautiful new journey was about to unfold. My Guru Renoo Maa held my hand to take me in the light and my life changed from then.

Renoo Maa attuned me to KQ Force in November 2004 and in February 2005 I was attuned to KQ Advance. Within this period of 3 months magic happened.

My mother was struggling to find her first job and it seemed so impossible. Renoo Maa guided us to heal more and more and my sister and I started healing with so much enthusiasm. With her grace and blessings on us, my mother got the job in February 2005. Maa further empowered me with the KQ Advance and Quantum energies and then there was no looking back.

The problems in my family were becoming severe but I didn’t feel helpless. I felt more motivated to heal and find good results. The obstacles became opportunities and I started overcoming my fears. It was in March 2007 when the three of us – my mother, my sister and me gathered the courage to leave my father’s house. We left the house in the middle of my 12th board exams. It was a very tough time but we were blessed with her hand on us. I cleared my exams with decent marks and my sister also completed her college and found a job. These are all beautiful milestones which gave me so much strength and motivation to keep healing. The journey had started, my guru empowered me with further healing modalities with Reiki-I in April 2007 and My Golden Cloud in September 2015.

In April 2018 came another hurdle and I came for an appointment with Maa. There was so much pain inside me, the result of a toxic marriage. Wanting to heal the patterns, from my childhood, my father’s emotional and financial abuse seemed to be repeating in my life. How do I heal these choices, how do I move forward – though I was yet unable to express myself. Maa completely knew all this and more. She could read my eyes and my heart and say exactly word-to-word what was going inside me. I felt so touched by her love and just felt so complete that day. She filled me with so much love and gave me so much strength to move forward. Without judgment!

It took me exactly one year to take this decision to move out of my marriage in April 2019. It was very tough but she was standing with me every second of my life. She gave me so much courage and continuously guided me to heal and chant. I could not visit Maa often but saw her every day holding my hand and taking me away. My divorce was another big milestone and completely with the grace of my guru and her continuous blessings and healing I was through with it in just 3 months. Everything took place in so much of sequence and perfection, only with her power.

In May 2019 she empowered me with Supreme Golden Cloud and since then I have found myself.

A lot many times I ponder upon this thought that – ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ I still don’t know what it really is but I know that for me, this life is holding her hand and walking with her in the light. Every day is a magical day and You – Maa are my truest inspiration. I feel so grateful to you for blessing me with your love and healing. Thank you maa for making this life for me worth living.”

Knowing that everything in life is finally a message we have in our consciousness that we need to pay attention to and healing all, move on. The more open we are in sharing our thoughts, the more participation we will invite from the other, and the easier it is to heal more and begin to unravel and solve all the problems of life. So, finally understand that life does not stop, time does not stop, and healing action does not stop

Renooji, Writing of the Day, 4 June, 2020