Tinaa Tandon – a healer, physicist and feminist shares a poem with us saying it is – “My Dedication to My Guru for Teacher’s Day 2020”. For those who live India, or have Indian Heritage may be familiar with ‘Teachers Day’. For all others the simplest explanation is this – India – The Nation-State became a Republic in 1950. We voted in our first President Dr Rajendra Prasad who served from 1950 through to 1962. During his tenure, he was aided and supported by a thinker, philosopher and one of the greatest intellectual minds in the world -Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of India (1952–1962).

Dr Sarvepali Radhakrihsnan was an educationalist, who adored his own teachers, guides and mentors. He became India’s Second President and served from the years 1962 through to 1967. Born on 5th September 1888, this day has been marked as a day of celebrating, honouring and highlighting the life of Dr Radhakrihsnan. But beyond that it is a day that became synonymous, from the first time it was celebrated, in 1962 – as a day for ALL Teachers. Dr Radhakrihsnan said himself,

Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if 5 September is observed as Teachers’ Day.

And so we do, from schools, colleges, to homes, social media and WhatsApp Messages – our world today is filled with messages of inspiration and gratefulness to all our Teachers, Mentors, Guides and Gurus. Tinaa shares her innermost thoughts with us, honouring her Guru, my Guru, our Guru – Renooji.

” Recollections travel back in time, to the threshold of YOUR open Door,
To my gaze and amazement, I was greeted by Magnificence Galore.

Turquoise it was, dashes of blue, lilac and pink,
I was touched by Compassion, did I surrender?
Questions seemed to have answers, prayers silent yet fulfilled,
I asked for Blessings and Boundless Hugs I did bring.

Then came the storms, I trembled with fright,
Ready to give up, sometimes ready to fight.
YOUR Grip was so strong, YOU held me tight,
Gently steered my rocking boat to reach the embankment with all might.

I was sure that I had made it through the tempest and uproar,
Now flourishing and growing, only gently to HEAR –

‘Not yet my dear, tread along, we have the Platinum to embrace,
Spread the fragrance, Share the LIGHT, Unfurl and bloom under the Umbrella of GRACE!
My vision for you all is Beauty, Fame and Strength, Knowledge is Wealth, Renunciation it will bring.
Heal in Devotion, Heal with Love and Light,
For the Summit is where you are and The Pinnacle in sight’

Tinaa Tandon, 5 September 2020, Gurugram, India

Graceful branches of old trees (blessings of the parents, teachers, elders and all living beings and the self) line the path of your life.

Renooji, Message of the Day, 18 August 2018