Anjali Schiavina shares about gifts of light and empowerment, and a journey of love and light that surpasses blood-bonds. Her words immediately place us in her shoes, and we see what she saw, feel what she felt, and experience what she does. Read on and join the healing experience.

“It was in September of 2015 that I was introduced to Reiki by my brother.
I was going through some very challenging times financially and was sharing the same with my brother who lives in Delhi. He spoke to me about Reiki and Renooji and shared with me how it has helped him in his inner journey.

I listened to his entire description and when he put the phone down my mind started to play funny games by bringing up various questions such as, is this another of those fads? Will I be betraying my Guru from Pondicherry if I join Reiki with Renooji? How can Reiki help me with my financial situation and the physical challenges that I am facing and many more?

The entire day my mind was confused and I felt a heaviness within me. I tried to quieten myself but in vain. Days went by and slowly the heaviness was lifted and the confusion in the mind quietened. After a few weeks I called my brother again during my entire call I was waiting for him to ask me – ‘so what has been my decision to be introduced to Reiki’ and he didn’t ask.

After I put the phone down my mind told me to see it is not the right thing for you he did not ask, so it is a sign that it is not meant to happen. I got busy with my daily routine and the idea of attending the first course of Reiki was now in the background.

My birthday was approaching and every year a couple of weeks before my
birthday I do a big cleaning of my home and my workspace. September 2015 I start cleaning my home and my workspace, preparing myself for my special day. I kept feeling something was missing but could not identify what it was.

Surprise, I receive a gift from my brother – my first Reiki course with
– I quickly book my ticket, reach Delhi and arrive for my first class.
It was strange all the doubts I had earlier had disappeared. In the big
cleaning project the missing link seemed to be emerging.

When I entered the Healing Centre there was a soothing background chanting, there was a fragrance that calmed my senses and the peace was tangible. I could feel a strong emotion swelling in my heart and I could sense a flutter in my being, a sort of an excitement.  I sat in the room with many others some first-timers like me, some attending the course again.

It all felt surreal but I sensed that something was about to change forever. When Renooji came in the room I was transported to another world – a world of light, of love, of compassion, of warmth, of laughter and at that very moment I knew I was with my GuruMa.

I could feel warm tears of joy flow down my cheek, I could feel my heart open in total surrender and was embraced with the protection of light.
I knew immediately that my life was never going to be the same anymore.

My brother’s words came back to me and I experienced for the first time a
feeling of completeness. The days during the workshop and the magic of the 21 days after were intense. Discovering the magic of healing the Chakras, the power of affirmations, the importance of being grateful the abundance of knowledge that was showered upon us – then and every day since.

I experience the miracles of healing in my everyday life and feel blessed and grateful to my Master.

I am very grateful to my brother for this gift of connecting me to my GuruMa.”

Just when one enters the highest patterns of light, know that it is this light which is always waiting for us. We become grateful and we are thus hypnotised by the effulgent welcoming light.

[We must realise that within our heart is the golden light that shines through to show us how much we love ourselves, our surrounding soul groups and our Mother Earth.

Renooji, Message of the Day, 15 January 2020