Ashish Srivastava (Raveesh) shares with us an expression of his heart and soul experience with the Master. Taking us on a journey of his connection, beyond time, the body, and the critical mind. Expressing his “inexpressible love for our living Guru” – to Renooji, in this piece that is a flow of consciousness. Read, absorb and heal!

“Go to any spiritual Master & they would reject this dependent am-ness with great impunity. They may ultimately tell you that – how the human body is such a magnificent way to hide a God, and we should all be making efforts to realize that absolute truth. In my life, however, there is no bigger truth than the fact that the “Master is and therefore I am“.

In the same way that as a river merges into the ocean, it loses its identity, I have not only lost the identity of who I am but have also completely lost an earthly sense of time. The “Now” that appeared during the merging has remained eternal ever since and beautifully manifests itself – as incessant silence, thoughts, sounds, light, knowledge & wisdom of the Master, in each living moment.

It is virtually impossible to separate the infinite stream of perceptibly strung moments within that now, as that would not only defy the eternity of the Master’s incessant compassion but would also negate that one I am, and one they are, even if they are moments.

If you want to call me a madman, so be it, but trust me that I have tasted the immortal nectar of the sat-sangha of the living divine Master in every, I repeat, every single moment of my life. I am intoxicated, inebriated & drunk on the light of the Master.

My initiations into the various healing empowerments by the revered Master have made me feel such intensely grateful and often leading me into questioning myself – ‘What awesome deeds have I done in my past lifetimes to be deserving of such love & grace of the Master?’ These moments have not been ordinary for they’ve been wavelike, rising & falling in an endless peak of humility & trough of gratefulness erasing the complete sense of duality from the kundalinic resonance. Such is the glory of the Master’s glance.

Rest for next when I’ll deviate from the eternal for the external. Let it be just eternity for now in the magnificence of the Master’s love.”

So, remember that we are all rooted in that space of oneness and healing begins and ends there. Continue to be generous, charitable, compassionate, creative and falling in love with the self as you move ahead. 

Renooji, Message of the Day, 27 August 2020