Renooji shares some personal memories and 3 generations of love and light that inspire her, healing that we all find our path in and with the light.

“This life is a string of moments, and my teachings and messages to all of you has always been to make them healing moments filled with Love and Light.

Today I’d like to share this special platform called Project Love ‘n’ Light in collaboration with all of you! A virtual living archive for all Healers and Light Workers across various traditions and lineages to come together and share in our own words the experiences we have had and the life we lead with and in the Healing Light.

Honouring my spiritual and material lineage, the beginning – the flesh of whose flesh and the blood of whose blood I was created in this material realm by – my Mother!

It is just a little over 7 months since my Mother transcended into the light. The photographs I share here are from the day my Father’s ashes were immersed in the holy river and we came together as 3 generations of women, of healers, filled with love and compassion, nurturing one another – loving, healing, transforming.

Healing and sharing the light, are the surest way to the path of enlightenment, creating a clear reflection of a pure mind.

Renooji, Message of the Day, 25 October 2018

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Keep sharing your love and your light in this world and beyond! Love you all, now and then , her and there – forever!