Here is our daily dose of sonnets by Divvya Nirula. Today she gives us a glimpse into a realm of the light, magic and the defeat of darkness. Where beings trapped in darkness hail the arrival of the Light! Inspired by Medusa, Lord Shiva, the fight between good and evil across various fables and mythological tales. Divvya here imagines for us a dialogue of what was, what is – and of dreams and schemes that may come to pass. So, watch out, delve deep, heal and love and live with the light, for our past, present and future may turn out to be filled with opportunities to thrive!

“Thumping Earth, Cracked skies were first to ignite,
Little did they know they were about to Fall,
For all of Humanity was affright, Could it be He, was going to Enthral!?

Mountains melted, Rivers flooded the Earth,
Cause and Action disappeared underground,
Squirrels roamed above, beneath snakes ruled with girth,
There was nothing much that could have been found.

Stories don’t end here, time has now begun,
The screams and terror are nothing compared to the DREAM,
Of waste-lands and Androids who shall be born,
Just as the dust settles – Ah! We can SCHEME!

And through the cracks entered a hand of Light,
Ignorant darkness never stood a chance in this Fight. “

– Divvya Nirula, 3 May 2017, New Delhi, India