Anuubhaa Mehta shares with us parts of her heart and love, for the Guru – Renooji, and this precious gift of the Light! Read on to discover her acronym for L.I.F.E.

“We are grateful for this marvelous opportunity to express ourselves.

A beautiful journey with Ma’am, our GURU. We are deeply grateful to Ma’am for all her unconditional love and care and keeping us under her Mercy and Grace.

Many lifetimes have gone by, we are grateful for this life and feel very blessed for Ma’am’s presence in our life- A “HAND” is holding us tight all the time and blessing us all the while.

A new meaning to life I had realized after my initiation with REIKI by Ma’am in November 2000. And the series of Miracles happened in life with countless blessings of Maam.

A new vision towards “LIFE” emerged where it all became crystal clear :


I- In



The most memorable moments: –

First at a neophyte level- A magic moment has given rise to a complete transformation in my life. I was struggling in my job with very less salary and REIKI has shown the path to a new job in MNC with 5 times more salary, which was incredible, the magic of healing. Climbing the steps of success with confidence, healing all fears and courageously walking the path of life with new personality- A NEW ME was BORN with Ma’am’s blessings.

Another moment I’d like to share came after 2 decades – Ma’am gave me NEW LIFE, a Re-birth to me. I was undergoing surgery in November 2019, gasping for breath. A magic moment happened and I had heard Ma’am’s voice in ICU, a comfort to my soul. Ma’am had held my hands and had brought me back to this life. Guided me to the path I must walk, one of gratitude and sharing the light forward. This encouraged me to express my thoughts, taught me the way to live in a constant state of healing and prepared me with the strength to live again, smilingly.

And today the journey continues in the ocean of love, rowing the boat of life with surrender and gratitude having the support of all the healing modalities under the guidance of my Guru – Ma’am.   

Heartfelt gratitude to our GURU 

                      ‘Grateful for the Words of GURU which Enlightens us ,

                        Grateful for the Guidance of GURU which Supports us,

                        Grateful for the Vision of GURU which Protects us,  

                        Grateful for the Love of GURU which Comforts us,

                        Grateful for the Hands of GURU which Holds us.’

There are many more memories and moments to share, and over time I shall, but for now, I am overwhelmed and wish to pause here – to reflect and learn, to heal and grow. To love and live in the light. “

The truest form of love is to heal all. Respect, care, admiration and gratitude take you to the frontiers of healing and in the process healing all the hurt, abuse and humiliation. Love without conditions leaves us feeling happy and satisfied and awakens within us a desire to reciprocate.

Renooji, Message of the Day, 1 June 2020