Aakansha Sethi shares with us the first time she met Ma’am Renooji and takes us back to her reactions and emotions!

“I still remember the first time I had Ma’am’s Darshan – like it was yesterday. Ma’am was my art teacher in Grade 1- and those art classes would be the most joyous part of my life. Every time I saw Ma’am in the long winding school corridors- I would just want to run across to follow Ma’am.

One day, I remember clutching the red brick wall in school- crying into it with fear- as the world walked by. That touch of benevolence and love; as Ma’am touched my wet cheek to ask me what was wrong… is a moment of such deep love and protection; that 30 years on- it is still clearly etched in my memory.

And as I shared my fears; that was the end of them…as Ma’am held my hand and resolved the whole situation.

No wonder then- as a 19 year old- going through the worst time of my life – alone, afraid and seeking answers- the memory of this deep love and intervention kept knocking on the doors of my mind and giving me courage in moments where I wanted to stop living. Through a radio program, I found out about Ma’am’s healing work- but did not have an address. When I searched online, I found lovenlight.com– and then was able to meet Ma’am on 15th December 2003…13 long years after the above magical intervention.

I had never experienced anything so magical. Complete love and complete perfection….it was like knowing that everything I had ever sought, I had received upon meeting Ma’am. It was knowing that I would never face a problem again that did not have a solution. I would never be alone again, and I would never be unloved and I would never be judged. It was knowing that magic was reality- and each day could be filled with the warm and loving embrace of the most unconditional mother’s love.

Since then, there have been millions of transformational moments- professional, personal and spiritual. Through each of them, Ma’am has forgiven me, shown me the light, encouraged me and been the only reason for going on in life. Be it a major health challenge, a work challenge or a relationship- every obstacle disappears into the Light with Ma’am’s Grace and Love. How do I explain the joy that every cell experiences being in Ma’am’s presence?! The spiritual togetherness, laughter and the rain of healing that can only happen in Ma’am’s Presence.

This journey, being Ma’am’s disciple is the biggest truth and the biggest blessing of all my lifetimes and Ma’am’s teachings, seminars and all opportunities to experience Ma’am’s Grace are the biggest joy of my life!

With all my gratitude and love for Ma’am; forever.”

“I often ask people who come to see me, if they are ready to break the cycle, to stop getting more of the same patterns of grief. To stop things, situations, relationships, challenges and experiences in life – that are in a negative and toxic loop. Are they willing to challenge themselves to build more healing moments, to be more aware, and break these patterns?” 

Renooji, Writing of the Day: April 02, 2020