Divvya Nirula wrote this Poem in the style of a Sonnet – from a Father to his Son. A Father who is a spy, who believes in protecting national interest and identity, and a Son who is a traitor.

“A shock’ed was I to find a quisling,
For Breached did He all our walls of Freedom,
On fleet foot, he fled killing his siblings,
The chase was on – Summer onto Autumn.

Transgress did He our own securité,
There were none left but I and true dangers,
Hushed Halls of bounty guarded chasteté,
Upon that dreary wall he called Chambers.

Fool was I, fooled by my Love of Lineage,
That nothing could I do to prevent Him,
The warning bells had rung, I acknowledge,
Could I have been more wrong for I am Sin?

The truth will out for nought is lost but mine,
To nations burnt and built-up across our time.”

– Divvya Nirula, 2 May 2017, New Delhi, India