Fauzia Khalid shares with us what Healing means to her, and her journey of getting this understanding.

“What is healing and what is an individual healing experience, may vary individually.

For me personally, it took years to understand that Healing is as simple as a ‘Thought’.

Grateful to my Mentor, Teacher, Guru, Guide, Mother, Friend ……… (the list is long ) – Renooji, to make me understand and experience that Healing begins with the Positive thought. Ma’am always teaches us,

What you Think …

Your Thoughts Becomes your Words..

Your Words becomes your action …….

So, make every thought, and every word, and every action – a healed and healing one!

So, it all begins with a Positive affirmation at the beginning of the Day, Which does Wonders.

Now my engineer mind does not bother me to find logic and reason for everything. I know the light is with me, I am worthy to receive and share this unconditional light to all.

Daily , Every Moment , We witness the magic of healing, Few of them, being the dramatic ones, are itched to the memories.

March 2015, Getting my Wallet back from an organized network of pickpocketers, operating from Kolaba – Mumbai, within one and half hours of losing it, gives me goosebumps even today. I know that I had been a witness and beneficiary of the magic of healing. I had reached out to Ma’am Renooji and began to connect to the healing light myself.

It was a super busy market of  Kolaba (Mumbai)  on a super busy Friday evening. Memories of identifying the person on CCTV in Metro Shoes showroom, Police in action and finally someone giving my wallet back with all the healing Yantras Intact,  are still fresh in my mind.

There are innumerable instances such as this and I can not express the joy of witnessing Magic of Healing…..”

“Although the force of our desires is strong, still, we must embrace the fact that the potency of Divine Will is stronger. That Will is in all of us and works through us when we connect to the healing action.”

Renooji, Writing of the Day, 30 August 2020