Abha Chona says –

“Indeed many a time I had thought of sharing certain experiences that are so close to my heart, in fact, the ones those triggered such emotions that are difficult to put to words but could not do so. Today I share my gratitude and love to our Guru  for all the wonderful experiences.”

The following are her experiences in her own words.

“The immense distress, unbearable pressures and problems that made my life miserable, the pain that seemed to tear me apart into pieces as though all set to make me exit in the most traumatic way, was indeed the reason that I took to the path of Healing.

I had no idea what it was but knew whenever there was a problem I would call out to Didi—- my sister in law  Ma’am Renooji,  to send me healing and in no time the problem would be sorted out and the peace restored. But despite experiencing the love of Reiki and healing through Ma’am, and despite Ma’am’s telling me and others in the family to become healers and follow the light, it did not occur to me to do so. The Guru’s grace was ever-flowing and so one day when I was in my office at Green Park, I got a call from one of our clients – Mrs Rastogi From Swastik Cargo for her payment follow up. In My conversation I told her about the business getting very bad and how it is beginning to ruin everything in my life sphere. She very patiently listened to me and then said,

“why don’t you go to healing seminar and learn Reiki and KQ FORCE from Ma’am Renooji.”

She had lost her husband and brother in law in a very short span of time and their business was badly affected. She herself was going through quite a difficult time. But she told me how Ma’am`s grace and the healing modalities have helped her gather strength and so quickly she is adept to handle her own the business and was in the process of recovering her money. She sounded extremely positive and confident and she urged me to enrol myself for an upcoming seminar of Reiki to be held in Sept 2004, for Reiki I level initiation. I was shocked, that this message from the Universe is what I needed. At that time Renooji has her healing centre in Anand Niketan. I immediately rang her up and requested her to enrol my name for the seminar. So, the MAGIC had already begun with my name being registered for Reiki seminar for Sept 2004.

As the grace of the Guru and the Light was flowing I reached for the seminar and attended the two-day seminar, and got attuned and empowered. Since then there is such a gush of the unstoppable force of energy that the life picked up at a pace I never could ever think of. NO LOOKING BACK!  The journey has been long with healing with the Guru holding my hand, working so lovingly to make this life beautiful, a Marvel in itself.

The onward journey with Healing – with Reiki and the KQ Force also joined by my both daughters had a great force in our lives as with each passing day we needed tremendous energy, strength to be able to balance out our lives with rest of the members of the family. Especially with my dear Husband and Father of my lovely daughters. Then one day on 17 March 2007 we finally parted our ways and both my daughters and I moved out of the house to be on our own.

At this point of time, I had no idea what had been done but I needed to be in my own space and all Glories to The Guru who kept us all in her loving embrace and without even feeling an iota of pain or loss at any point of time the three of us together, but all on our own, in no time gathered all the strength and how everything fell in place… I am still wonderstruck! Both my daughters got a good education, got established in their jobs, settled in their lives and are doing marvellously well. Healing daily, very happy, strong, bold and successful in their lives. I could build my life, could do my job so well and grow in it day-by-day. I was able to make my properties and so much more. Real milestones,  though I never envisaged them, rather had no courage to even dream of them – but here I am – happy, healed and healing.

In all humility, I bow at the lotus feet of My Guru Ma’am Renooji for introducing me to that part my self that I was never aware of. I feel extremely loved, nurtured, understood, taken care of, secure, protected and blessed. The only loving relationship that I look up to in my life for everything – with my Guru and the Light!”

“Healing and all the light modalities I teach are about empowerment – they are about activating the regeneration of our soul-self to then serve humanity. Like the pearl in a necklace, you move, you heal, and the rest will follow!”

Guru Maa Renooji, September 2004