Divvya Nirula Shares a Poem with us on the journey of the soul from pain to revelation.

“Could it be a question you ask of me,
Where the needles of a clock go tick-tock,
For Death and Purpose have patched-up to flee,
And never were we meant to find a dock.

Wonder now as did many before this plight,
I have a doorway, a path for the lost,
But can it be a faire without a fight,
Now that all who have come – know of the cost. 

Turning twisting crying shall not save you,
For there are bodies buried in their tombs,
No questions answered no up-rising coup,
All that is left is a field of choler-blooms. 

The Red has turned to rivers of darkest mud,
That touches the dead and gives them life’s Blood!”

– Divvya Nirula, New Delhi, 1 May, 2017