Jayati Biswas, Literary buff and book-lover, shares her first experience with healing

“My First Experience with ‘healing’ and here I use the word as a personal experience of a healing instance – was when I met Maam when I was 22. I had only heard about Reiki and as a young college student, I was reading about different ways to heal from pain and also trying to understand why things happened the way they did. There was immense relief in knowing
that there was a method in all the madness and there was this element called healing.

My search led me to many people who proposed that they had been ‘healing’ and performing miracles, and I was so excited that I had found what I was looking for. Only that I was in for a rude shock. All those stories about being lured into a murky underbelly were true. There was no value for the infinite trust I had placed in this miracle healer – broken I turned away.

Still things continued to happen, and my search never gave up. Yes my search had taken on its own personality and continued. One heartbreak later, finally in a cold December evening in California, a friend wrote down Maam’s (Renooji’s) name – on a pink piece of paper and handed it to
me, promising me that my life would change.

I remember meeting Maam, except it did not feel like the first time !

It felt like a part of a continuum. Chirpy at 22, full to the brim of my heartbreak stories – Maam listened without making me feel stupid for thinking and feeling what I felt. In the middle of this conversation – I suddenly blurted out what had happened to me with this miracle healer. The rest was in slow motion and permanently playing in my head. Ma’am hugged me and I was crying and shaking and in that moment I was immeasurably safe and home. The healing was so potent that there remains absolutely no trace of that experience only a memory- record, like a

This healing instance gains significance every time I think or speak about it. Or in this case, type it out to share with all of you. It is like a complex embroidery, holding within itself many many secrets. It was the moment that I was aware that I had been saved, it was also the moment that was my reset. Today, whenever I feel or connect with the turmoil, trials and tribulations that are by definition LIFE -I reconnect to Ma’am, that healing moment. When I look back, my soul recognises that in that moment, it knew
with complete realisation that this was not the first time Maam had seen me. I remember the juice I drank like a child, healing in great gulps, and returning home, not the same person anymore, now as a loved child, never to be forsaken again.”

Always remember that the healing experience awaits each of us daily, in every moment, in every breath – stay connected, stay grateful and heal

Renooji, 1995, Annual healing retreat