We all remember that moment of reality and the light merging to create healed and healing opportunities. Here Jayati Biswas shares one such event!

“It was an extremely cold day in the month of January 2015. I was returning home after a morning class at Anand Niketan with Maam. I had just been initiated to Reiki I and I was so excited with the Reiki box, the Divine Reiki Light and the thought that it could be accessed anywhere, everywhere and always – FOR HEALING ALL! That this was an infinite source – was a joy for me.

I was waiting for the auto to take me to the metro station. It was almost twenty minutes and the wind was very sharp, finally, an auto came by. The driver had another chappy sitting next to him – he said I could sit and the man was getting off. I was a little apprehensive to get in, but it was super foggy and now it was almost half hour – I thought – ‘lets just quickly
get to the station’
– and as the auto started, he sped off – the second man had no intention of disembarking – with all my might I thought of Maam and invoked the purple box, and in a split second there was a loud noise and the fan belt of the auto had snapped. The man stumbled out, the driver nearly fell and I jumped out.

The driver shouted out to me – that he would fix it – the second man said – ‘Wait ! we’ll fix it!’ – I knew I had gotten my chance I ran and suddenly – out of nowhere there was a lady with a child on the other side of the road. They were waiting to go to the station too – and asked me if we could share.
It was a quiet ride to the station and there was a lot to be grateful for, a lot to think about and the miracle of a lifetime to remember … knowing the light was with me…”

Being a healer does not mean that life will not happen to you, it simply means you are better prepared, protected and empowered – to jump the hurdles, to spot the upcoming obstacles, and heal away the obstructions.

Renooji, Sunday Collective, 23 August 2020