My city, My heart…..

“Tenderness and compassion ,
Love and satisfaction,
 I build my city in all directions.
In my heart is resurrection!

Stone upon stone ,
Those seated are clones
Their light is the cornerstone?
Are they my people on the phone?

Who is that , who hovers?
Is it the lover who covers,
Or, is it the light that showers!
Seeing them , I wonder!

Praying in the morning,
Healing and dreaming ,
Abundant tears are shedding
Drenched , I am serving!

My sight is restored,
My heart is adored
My touch is savoured
My light is mirrored.

I move to delight,
I reflect only light
I maintain might
And, savour only that which is right.

Healing hugs of great sight!
Love which is fully bright!

Renooji, New Delhi, 23 August, 2020