A Poem straight from the heart of Divvya Nirula


“There is a certain trajectory I feel,
Where the wounds have been filled with light, the self transformed into a love oh! So bright!

The smile is straight from my heart,
Where the many selves come together to form a whole, that is no longer in parts!

It’s been an adventure in an known forest and now, the forest is me and mine! Where every leaf, ever breeze, every chirp and corridor of light,
Is a family we built, a knowing we felt, an I and Me became an Us – a joy of community!

Don’t shy away and look to the horizon, for the distance is covered, the circle fully formed – a knowing deep and true that we have come home, to the known, that ever-bright Sun!

Eternal, limitless and unconditional – freedom – this precious freedom! Living, Loving, Thriving! Can never be undone. Why? You ask – for it hasn’t been given, nor has it been earned, this freedom has been cultivated through every twist and many a turn. A freedom so deep that the roots are now trees, the seeds spouting forevermore, giving shade to the freed!”

Divvya Nirula, New Delhi, 15 August, 2020