At age 9 I got initiated into the healing modality – or rather reconnected to my life force energy – REIKI. Almost 11 years later – in 2005, I got connected to the KQ Force, and ten years after that – in 2015, I got connected to My Golden Cloud, all under the lineage of Renooji. So, that amounts to almost 26 years of dedicated and committed healing for the self and others. I’ve never been shy of announcing myself as a healer. I don’t shout it from the rooftops, but yes, in my daily healing practice at age 15 in boarding school, when my roommates asked me, what are you doing – I simply would smile and say Reiki! From my childhood friends to University mates, those who asked received an honest answer. Those who wanted to discuss, experience and connect, came along on this spiritual journey.

For me, my daily healing practice of Reiki, the KQ Force and My Golden Cloud amalgamate into an empowered day, where I am no longer helpless in all that occurs. I am not God, nor do I purport to have magical powers. What I do commit to each day, and in each action and thought is that I am supremely connected to all conscious beings on Planet Earth, and we are all from one Cosmic Source. In knowing that I lead each day with humility, compassion, surrender, devotion in service to all that come in my path. From the bird and ants, I feed in the morning, to the cows, dogs and other animals who come to drink water at our gate, to all those I live and interact with. Healing under the guidance and empowerment of Renooji is the act of knowing this life is in service to all creation!

Divvya Nirula is an Art Historian and Curator who is the Founder of Art from Us and D’s Art Takes. Two platforms that look to heal with art, and use art as healing!